Quality of Life

Quality of Life

Quality of Life


PDF iconThose of Us Dislabeled: A Guide to Awareness and Understanding
This booklet provides an overview of some disabilities and impairments as well as Kentucky resources to learn more.

Assistive Technology

KATS Network Guide to Assistive Technology

KATLC Kentucky Assistive Technology Loan Corporation


Job Accommodation Network If you have a question about workplace accomodations or the Americans with Diabilities Act (ADA) and related legislation.

Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Kentucky agency that assists people with physical or mental impairments in finding or keeping a job.

Kentucky GROW Works in concert with Kentucky AgrAbility to explore recreational and work opportunities in agriculture for Kentuckians.


Environmental Education Center A collaborative learning facility which connects students, faculty, and staff to the environment through meaningful learning activities. This center will make every reasonable effort to provide access to all members of the Commonwealth while focusing on providing educational experiences that accommodate different learning abilities.


US Driving for the Disabled Promoting competitive carriage driving opportunities for people with disabilities. The USDFD is housed in Georgetown, Kentucky.

Quality of Life

Interdisciplinary Human Development Institute Promotes independence, productivity, and enhanced quality of life for all people.

Kentucky Applachian Rural Rehabilitation Network Mission Statement: A collaborative team including individuals impacted by neurological conditions, providers who serve them, members of communities in which they live, advocates, and researchers who investigate these impairments will identify, develop and disseminate information and strategies, and maximize resources to improve outcomes and quality of life.